South Carolina Denture Clinics

There are several different kinds of South Carolina dental clinics, including free dental clinics, sliding scale dental clinics, cheap dental clinics, and non-profit dental clinics. Some South Carolina dental clinics are not free, and will offer care on a sliding scale based on proof of income.

Dentures Services

South Carolina Cheap Dentures

There are different qualities of dentures available to most, and is reflected by cost. Quality premium dentures are made with tiny fiberglass fibers to help make them durable and less chances of cracking.

Teeth in premium dentures are also tougher, less probable to wear smooth quickly. Cheap dentures are standard dentures made for those who need economical cost solutions, basic functions to eat and speak.

Handy Places

Largest Cities where South Carolina Denture Clinics may be found

Find South Carolina denture repair in one of the larger cities in the state such as these, (they are in order according to biggest population first): Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston.


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Other Organizations

Michael R Littlejohn DDS
7020 Brookfield Rd
Columbia, SC  29223

Hospital Dentistry
171 Ashley Ave
Charleston, SC  29425